Jarrad grew up surfing in the cold waters of Victoria hailing from the small community of Phillip Island where the consistent swells and lack of crowds were a great place to start surfing. 




After university, his love for adventure took him on a road trip over to Western Australia where he was blown away by the isolation and beauty of the Indian Ocean, not to mention the quality and size of the waves. He expanded his travels & spent time chasing waves in warmer climates such as Fiji, Indonesia and Tahiti. 




He’s always had a close connection to the ocean and managed to live a lifestyle thats allowed him to do what he loved. Some people might say its luck, but anything is possible if you really want it. He was offered a job as surf guide over in the Maldives and could not refuse the postcard perfect waves of the atolls being paid just to go surfing - it was a dream come true.



He went on to enjoy similar roles in Samoa and Fiji, moving back to Australia in 2012 for a hip replacement. It was around this time he got into Stand Up paddle boarding as a way to rehabilitate his body. 



Jarrad is now based here on the Gold Coast can be found most mornings down at the Alley, enjoying whatever the ocean has to offer. He has a strong focus on training and nutrition and is about to start Stand Up Paddleboard lessons for anyone looking to improve their game in the surf or just try it for the first time.