An Island or isle is any piece of sub-continental land that is surrounded by water.  

There are literally thousands of islands peppered around our oceans. And along the coastlines of these islands, where the land meets sea, are the places we seek to ride.

Be it surfing a perfect wave or cruising along a smooth stretch of foreshore pavement, there’s something that draws us to these islands and keeps us coming back for more.

That thing is the feeling you get when it all clicks, and in that moment, you’re on island time. When the flow and timing is right, the tracks are pure, and your performance seems to extend beyond your capabilities.



That feeling is also the very thing that embodies the philosophy of the Island brand. At the core of it, we design and make boards that turn your riding expectations into reality.



And we do it through a collaborative approach that’s relaxed, yet considered. Because Island is more than any one shaper, designer or creative individual.


In essence, Island is a collective of experienced and passionate surfers and coastal folk all working towards a common goal; to deliver a board that’s ready to respond when your defining moment happens.

    Your Moment / Your Island