Craike lives for the simplest pleasures in life, making a point to surf every day but especially where it’s only overhead and barreling with no one out.

Growing up on the remote and fearless edge of the Western Australian desert, craike defines down to earth. The closest wave to Ry’s, Kalbarri home features a heaving outside barrel. While he learned to tube ride, he also developed a turn Kelly Slater called the best forehand turn in the world. This turn, taking him far beyond the red dirt world he grew up in.

Ry won a Quiksilver Airshow Series event, earning him the call up to a Quiksilver Crossing trip to the Mentawais alongside Kelly Slater and Tom Carroll. During this trip, he was introduced to the man who’d become the single biggest influence on his surfing career, the great Australian surf punk, Matt Hoy. The two became formidable traveling duo.

Craike has an irrepressible thirst, choosing to travel the world chasing the best waves he can find. He spends days, sometimes weeks, camping in isolated fishing shacks, traveling along the coast & abseiling down cliffs on bits of old cray rope. Although he spends time away, he still feels the pull of home.

“There’s nowhere on Earth I’d rather be when it’s like this, the waves are all-time.”